For Doulas
PDA Meets every month except for July and August

  • Date: 2nd Monday of the Month
  • Time: 7-9 PM
  • Location: Milagros Boutique, 5433 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97211
  • What to bring: Yourself, $5 for non-members, potluck item if it is a potluck meeting

Tea and light snacks are served. Sometimes we have a potluck. Often there is a speaker. Check the Calendar for the most current information.

If you are a member, this meeting is just one of your perks. If you are not a current member, we ask that you pay a $5 drop in fee to help pay for the space (room rental is our biggest expense). These funds help us a lot, but if you cannot pay you will not be turned away.

Becoming a member of the Portland Doula Association (PDA) helps make you a part of the larger community, promoting access to more compassionate maternity care.

As a member:

  1. Parents-to-be can locate you through our “Find a Doula” search tool powered by
  2. You may attend monthly networking and educational meetings for free
  3. You will receive discounts to workshops and events sponsored by PDA
  4. Your dollars will help to spread the word about birth and postpartum doulas in Portland, creating buzz and more work for all doulas.

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The membership year is from January through December.

To join, check out our membership levels and online membership and renewal.

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For Parents-to-Be
A birth, or labor, doula is a person you hire to guide you through the birth process in whatever way is best for you.

A birth doula will meet with you before the birth and will support the pregnant person and the partner during the labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. Most birth doulas will meet with you one or more times after the birth to see how you are feeling.

Common myths about birth doulas:

  1. They are the same as midwives.  This is an understandable assumption, but it’s midwives have a very different role from birth doulas. Midwives attend to the medical well-being of the pregnant person and the baby. Doulas are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice. Birth doulas do not check dilation, they do not listen to your baby’s heart, and they do not “deliver” or catch babies except in extreme circumstances!
  2. They only attend home births.  Also, very far from true. 98% of births in the Portland Area take place in a hospital. Working birth doulas do the bulk of their work in hospitals and are familiar with birth in the hospital setting. It can actually be quite rare for a birth doula to have a home birthing client!
  3. They only attend “natural” unmedicated births.  Traditionally, the people most-likely to hire a birth doula are the ones that plan not to take any pain medication, but the truth is that doulas are experts in compassionate care and can be incredible assets whether you need a scheduled cesarean birth, whether you plan to receive an epidural or whether you plan to give birth with as few interventions as possible. Birth doulas are birth professionals. Being well-versed in labor and birth means that your birth doula knows that things do not always (or even often!) go according to plan and if and when plans change, your doula can help you and your partner process the changes and make decisions in the moment.

A postpartum doula mother’s the mother. She is an extra set of hands to help make sure that the person who has just given birth is nurtured so that she can nurture her new baby.

Postpartum is a tumultuous time for families. Often a calm, steady presence is just what you need to make that transition a smooth and joyful one.


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Are you ready to hire a birth or postpartum doula?

Browse Portland Doula Association’s amazing doulas using our Find a Doula search tool. Plug in your due date to search for available doulas. You can read profiles, check availability and read testimonials about our doulas and choose a few to interview.

  1. Interview more than one doula. There are hundreds of great doulas in this area. They all may be competent, but you want more than just competence you want connection. Birth works best when you trust your team. Take time to choose the doula with whom you really click.
  2. Ask tough questions. Don’t be afraid to ask about the what ifs. Does your birth doula have a plan for supporting you if she is sick or has a family emergency? What training and experience does she have? Does your postpartum doula have experience with colic? Does she have any breastfeeding training?
  3. Be yourself. The best doula/client relationships are the ones that are built on mutual fondness, respect and trust.