2015 PDA Doula Spotlight: Megan Brunston

Are you excited to learn about another one of our members? Megan Brunston does both birth and postpartum doula work in the Portland Community and has been practicing for three years. Please enjoy reading more about her below! What is your name? Megan Brunston Do you have a business name? If so, leave it here. Portland Birth Doula Web Site … Read More

2015 PDA Doula Spotlight: Michelle Averill

We are excited to start highlighting the members of the Portland Doula Association! We think that this will be a fun way for members of the community to learn a little about who we are and we hope that you enjoy reading about our members. Our first doula spotlight is Michelle Averill. Michelle is a labor doula and childbirth educator … Read More

Doulas Holding Hands: Success Isn’t About Beating the “Competition”

roadly speaking, doulas are givers. We are carers. We are sacrificers. We love our people and our work deeply. We may even have a tendency to give too much. Monetarily speaking, we do not make much for the amount of time and energy we put in. So when it comes to running a business, it can feel terribly worrisome (threatening, maybe?) to know that … Read More